Coming Together

Greetings from Worcester! I am finally here, a confirmed fresher who is enjoying every second. I’ve been here for a week now but it feels like much longer – you know when something finally fits, it makes you feel so good! From meeting my new flatmates, learning to cook and clean (yes mum I do know how to clean the loo, I just told you that I didn’t,) and having the best nights out. My netball life has gone crazy! Made my debut with Worcester Reds in their preseason tournament playing alongside Lucy Heardman (Celtic Dragons) – she gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed. Playing with that team was such an eye-opener and made me believe in my ability. Winning the tournament was the icing on the cake. I have just trialled today for the 1st/2nd team for our Uni BUCS squads and am currently awaiting the outcome, (I’m sure you’ll see in the next few hours the update on my twitter.)

What’s not to love? Creative writing combined with my netball world. Throw in fantastic friends for life, shake gently and there you have it. The perfect university cocktail.

U – union; bringing together all the things I love under one roof.
N – names; got those down within about 2 hours.
I – I feel like I can finally be me.
V – variation; no two days are the same.
E – everyone supporting each other, both on and off the court.
R – realising why we have bumps along the way to find what we want.
S – socialising; This happens a lot. Enough said. 
I – initiation into everything that is so new is so exciting.
T – together with people and feeling together in myself.
Y – yes. I can honestly say I have found my pathway. 
So all in all, what a few weeks it has been. Ups and downs, highs and lows but it all comes together in the end if you have a goal. There have been times where I have doubted myself but as I said at the beginning, when it fits, you will know.

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