Dream Come True

Well… What a month… As I’m sitting here writing this post eating my candy-floss grapes, I am reflecting on what has happened in the past few weeks; and what a past few weeks it has been. I have got so much to tell you!
Let’s start with uni life. So far so good. My journo skills have ranged from spotting a feature to interviewing someone about climate change using some cool recording thingy, (promise I will develop my knowledge about state of the art tech, after all, that will be my career.) The course has been really interesting so far. Lecturers are lovely, course mates are fab and I am learning what it’s like to be a grown up. This links well with my ever developing cooking skills. My sweet and sour pork stir fry is a firm favourite.
Moving on with the uni netball updates. Last time I blogged I was waiting to hear about what team I would be in. I was going to be happy with whatever the outcome but to make the First Team was a dream come true. Our development as a squad after only 6 weeks is incredible. We’ve won all of our fixtures, sitting top of the table in Division One! Since starting with this squad, my shooting stats at every game have been really high. It is as if my confidence and my self belief has finally come into play. I feel at home here. The ball is finally in my court. The girls are amazing. Our friendship as a team is something that I truly value. The respect and encouragement we give to each other is second to none.
In case you missed it… Sooooo super proud to announce that I am part of Severn Stars U21’s! The trial went well in my opinion but I was still competing against some tough competition to get my place in the squad. However, when I found out the news I was thrilled beyond words.
It is as if everything has come together in my netball world. The decision to come to uni this year is the best one I could have made. Now being able to play in Prem 2, Severn Stars and BUCS Division 1 gives me all the opportunities to demonstrate how far I have come and where I want to be.
It feels good you know, finally being able to prove to some people that I can achieve. All those rejections, knock backs and uncertainties I have faced have now enabled me to stand up and be noticed for all the right reasons. Thanks to all those people who do believe in me. You know who you are. You mean the most.

Here are a few pics from the last couple of days at uni… cos why not.

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