It’s Not All About The Highs

So last time I blogged I felt like everything was amazing; that it all fitted and things were finally coming together with my netball.
Trying to balance uni work and training is proving quite difficult at the moment – feeling a bit run down so this probably has not helped my mood this weekend. Tired and stroppy to say the least, (flatmates be wary… approach with caution.) However, this weekend I was geared up to set foot on court with Stars and Reds.
My moment didn’t come this weekend and the bench became my best friend. Don’t get me wrong there are others like me and we are part of the team but my itchy feet wanted to get on the court. Part and parcel of developing as a player means you have to roll with the punches. I know I will get stronger and my time will come but as I’ve said before, knock backs are hard. To build resilience is so important in life and if we did not experience the lows then we would not appreciate the highs.
You know I’ve talked about mental health in the past and I will continue to try and look after my mental health by talking and taking some time for me. So anyone out there who sat on life’s bench this weekend, remember to believe in yourself and take care of yourself too. Keep going, because I know I will.

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