Milestones… The Big 18!

17.10.2000 – The day I was born… The whole 55cm’s of me was obviously a strong indication of things to come. As previously mentioned, after being mistaken for a boy, my journey in this world started.
So here I go, taking my first steps into adulthood. Let’s think about things I can now do legally that I couldn’t do before.

1. Purchase and consume alcoholic beverages (not that I have much time to do this… as you know my social life consists of making friends with the guy in costa in the M1 services, taking the dog for a walk and hearing myself speak out loud to her and responding in ‘Bella voice’. So rock and roll but she’s a bæ.)
2. Vote… Brexit? Exit? Quite frankly, I just want to vote for a party that will #keepthepeace and stop bickering over who is in the right all the time #mydadisbetterthanyourdad
3. Buy a house – not going to lie, don’t want to move out just yet. Quite like being waited on by Kev & Sam… who would wash my endless amount of dirty kit every week? Couldn’t afford it anyway.
4. Marry or register for a civil partnership. For those of you who don’t remember, I’m still young, free and single. Although, after looking around Loughborough Uni this month, it was a pleasant surprise to see lads of my age who I could actually look up to. (*insert love heart eye emoji here*)
5. Apparently I can buy fireworks! Who knew?! Mr Frosty was a firm favourite in the past (shoutout to Dad for purchasing that one.)
6. Get a tattoo – as much as I love netball, my family and lyrics to songs, the thought of having Sam & Kev tattooed on my knuckles using a very sharp needle does somehow not appeal (seen enough of needles in my life thank you.)
7. Seeing a certificate 18 film in the cinema – actually, to be fair I could have done this at the age of 12… nobody would have been able to tell the difference anyway.
8. Make a will… anyone wanna bagsy 6 pairs of netball trainers and copious amounts of socks? One careful owner.
9. Serve on a jury. Does this get me out of school?! Just asking for a friend.
10. Perform professionally abroad. Ok, so this is the dream isn’t it? It’s what
I have always wanted to do. Whether it be with the England Roses, or NSW Swifts, the recognition and accomplishment I would feel would be immense. Something ticked off my bucket list.

Wednesday needs to hurry up. Although I don’t want to wish my life away I am really looking forward to this milestone and whatever the future brings, I will look back on the past 18 years with love, gratitude and the ability to reflect and learn from my mistakes with the help from my friends and family.

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee, happy birthday to me!

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