Thank God That’s Over

Picture the scene… Wednesday the 14th of August 2019. The day after returning home from the most wonderful holiday. There I was, in bed, staring into space, wishing time would pass more quickly. I could feel my heart thumping away in my chest in rhythm to the ticking of the clock next to me. I was waiting for 8am to arrive when I could press that button which would decide my future. After a restless night, the anxiety and uncertainty I was facing finally ended with the news that I wanted. I was accepted into my firm choice university. I burst into tears. I cannot tell you how I felt in that moment. Pure elation. A similar feeling to when I was selected for Wasps U19 at age 14. I had achieved something I never thought I would. The combination of having to train regularly and complete a two year A Level course was gruelling. But I am proof that it can be done if you are determined enough to make it work.
The rest of the day was filled with friends, happiness… and cocktails… lots of them too! The following lunch time I was treated to what felt like the best junk food ever – a pork panini from

Bacco Lounge in town… fabby.
So what next? Uni shopping. Pots, pans, bedding and the odd fake plant.
Now, I’m not the world’s greatest cook but I have enough culinary items to set up my own kitchenware shop. Can someone tell me first though when will I actually use a slatted spoon? Not quite sure where I’m going to store all this stuff in a room the size of a matchbox but I don’t care. I’m so excited.
Went down for my first trial at a local team (never did I think I would ever be trialling for them!) Met some lovely girls and am excited to play tournaments with them etc in the future. Also very excited to be heading to Uni preseason just before I actually move to Worcester; although, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of netball involved… but that means team building activities which are equally as exciting and a great way in meeting new people!
My next post will be coming to you from my uni room… how scary is that! Never did I think I would actually make it to the end of my A Levels and study BA Hons Journalism and yet here I am. To say I’m proud of myself is an understatement.

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