The Small Things Mean the Most…

Hey everyone, sorry this post is a bit late; job searching has taken over my life at the moment but things are finally starting to look up now in that department…fingers crossed.

The past few weeks I have experienced my ups and downs like I’m sure most people have, but last week something just felt different. The day before I had the best day seeing Dan. However, I woke up the next day and just felt so flat and so down. I can’t really describe it. I had been rejected again from another job and things just weren’t going my way. But as I said in my Instagram post, it’s so normal to feel like this during these times. Missing people, routines, my sport all those things I truly know affect my mental health and well being so it is all about sharing our feelings and I am really still trying hard to do so when feeling this way. I think not having friends close by makes the situation 10x harder as they’re the people I’d always go to for a cuddle when I’m feeling this way… but I can’t. I’m hoping I will be able to soon though as I texted Bozza the other day and asked if more restrictions are being lifted soon and he said he’d keep me in the loop so fingers crossed.

Keeping myself busy on the days I haven’t arranged to meet Dan or the girls is always a tough time but I think I’ve found a new hobby… rock painting and just painting in general. Mum and I sat in the garden and painted a few rocks and they turned out great! I’ve also painted and made a key box for our new house in September… #callmebobross …It is the little things, the new things, the things I never thought would make a difference to my mood that really do work.

I’ve also restarted my Molls Moments Instagram page which now includes workout routines and exciting competitions which I’ve really enjoyed creating. If you want to check it out the page is @molls_moments – doing this has really kept me motivated during this lockdown. I love being able to share my routines for others to try. Seeing people’s reactions to the workouts has been lovely and I’m definitely going to continue bringing new routines for you to try out. Plus it helps my Lockdown fitness!

What I’m trying to say in this blog is that it’s ok to have days where you just feel rubbish – my advice… take time for you. Stay in your PJ’s if you want, don’t wash your hair, eat junk food, do a face mask. Pamper yourself! Watch some Disney! I found that keeping variety really helps me get over the down days. If you ever need a chat let me know. As I always say, my messages are open.

The rocks that Mum and I painted

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