Trials and Tribulations

“Tests of one’s patience or endurance…”
Well… what a week.
Driving test – passed!
Supporting the induction of new students at school – passed!
Continuing with my A Level progress – well, let’s hope these are a pass eventually!
So, trials are there to test us. That’s obvious. But it’s how you handle them that counts. I think my life as a netballer once again has helped me to face the daily trials of life and all it throws my way.
Ok, so I was a ‘second time achiever’ with passing my driving test, but I would have passed on the first if the examiner had not decided to throw caution to the wind and hit the brake for me when I had already stopped the car! (But hey, he failed me. This made me even more determined second time round…) Thank God it wasn’t the same guy! – He has since retired… let’s hope it is not because I scared him to death.
Note to all you budding netballers, the moral is clear. Don’t give up if things go wrong the first time round. If you don’t get selected for that perfect position, or ‘dream team,’ bite your lip, display your attributes like the proverbial peacock and start again. Just because you are young, don’t think you should not be listened to either, (don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t about to scream at that examiner,) but fight on until you get what you deserve. In the words of Jonas Blue, ‘We’re gonna rise till we fall.’ I respect the older generation greatly and have taken on many wise words from my elders as they are often experts from experience. This is how we learn from them and after experiencing the falls we enjoy the rise that follows.
Some of you, like myself, will be preparing for up and coming academy trials. I loved my time at the NPL tournament with Lightning and I am determined to be back in that squad this season. Little did I know my trial date would clash with my operation date, (reference to The Obstructions Blog and these problematic ears of mine.) I will still be able to trial at a later date and wish you all the best of luck with yours at whatever level you are. If there is one good thing about these ears, they are good at listening. So, if you have any questions or just want to talk through your fears, dreams or goals for your netball, then please do contact me. I am always happy to help and be there for you when I can. My twitter and Instagram handles are @molly_geehan so feel free to get in touch.
In summary, we all face different trials in our lives. I watched the little Year 7’s tip toeing around each other, scared to hold hands and I encouraged them to take those first steps to do so. It’s the same in netball. I met my new Year 7’s today. I will be coaching them every week. I want to see and nurture budding shooters of the future. Only by experiencing things myself, do I feel able to continue to share my knowledge, teaching them to take the rough with the smooth. Rejection has taught me a lot in the past. Whether it was from half pint peers, (reference gangly giraffe who they feared,) or shooters that were actually taller than me (yes, they are out there,) who were chosen over me on some occasions. Regarding rejection via love, I have yet had to face that broken-hearted feeling, (but if any of you know any nice, extremely tall, young men, again please definitely don’t hesitate to contact me.)

2 thoughts on “Trials and Tribulations

  1. Hi Molly,
    I just wanted to drop you a line showing my support for a really mature and altruistic blog. You attitude to training and recovery, to giving back, to discipline, dedication and determination in times of adversity is everything I strive towards and look for in a teammate. Enjoy the ups and downs on your journey and know that whatever happens, it is setting you up for a future to be proud of.
    Be brave,

    Pete Reed OBE
    Lieutenant Royal Navy
    Olympic Champion 2008, 2012, 2016

  2. Ah thank you so much this really does mean a lot to me! I just want to do my best when I can and not let people down. I think that's why I am so determined; to make others happy (whether that be a good thing or a bad thing) but when I see others smiling, it makes me smile too.
    Thanks again for the comment

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