Welcome to 2020!

Hi, yeah hey do you remember me? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t to be honest haha! Let’s just say this past month has been a bit crazy… Festive fun with the family followed by New Year madness with some of the best people… It’s safe to say that it was definitely one to remember… partly.

So. 2020. New year, new decade. If you follow my Instagram, (@molly_geehan) you would have seen my post on the 1st of January, talking about the outcome of my 2019. I’m not going to lie to you but I really did struggle at the start of last year. The stress of taking mock A level exams after getting over the worst bought of tonsillitis was not the way I was hoping to kick off the year. However, as always I managed to come out through the other side and although I didn’t receive the results I wanted, it just made me want to work even harder to get the grades I desired.

Alongside all the upcoming stress with the real exams I was still juggling the intense 5 days a week training schedule which I don’t think anyone understood how difficult that truly was. The hours of travelling I’d do just to get there meant missing out on revision time which amounted to even more stress. Although, I think if I hadn’t done this, my sanity would have just disappeared. The release from studying probably did me good, more than I realised.

Summer of last year was one of the best yet. Exams had been completed, parties were held, it was warm, it was sunny; everything you could have wanted and more. The perfect end to what had been such a gruelling six months. When I found out I was accepted into University it was the best feeling; and now after being there for just over four months, I know in my heart that it was definitely the right thing to do.

The end of November and the whole of December were definitely the happiest months for me. Let’s just say I don’t have the problem of finding a male acquaintance anymore. A fellow journalist and drummer from Dudley has certainly made this netballer a very happy girl. It may have taken some time to get where I am today in terms of the ‘ladtuation’ (get it? Lad and situation combined? Ladtuation? Ok forget it) but I couldn’t be more content. And btw, I’m definitely going to beat you at Ghetto Golf on Wednesday don’t you worry.

So. 2020. What are my goals for this year to come? If I’m totally honest… I’ve only got one major one and that is to live in the present day. Not to worry about what has happened and not to get anxious about what is to come. I’ve got amazing friends, the paramedics are doing their thing while my little Welshie bestie Grace is… well she’s just Grace really… I’m so excited to be living with her and two other amazing friends next academic year. It’s going to be a laugh. Oh also, Amrit and Adam… hey!

In terms of goals for my netball, reflecting on my last post, I just want to be on the court, doing what I do best, showing those that I really can do it and anyway, I’ve got a new pair of netball trainers to start wearing so get me back to it with Stars, Uni and Worc Reds!!!

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