Things Can Only Get Better

How things can change in a year… This time last year felt bleak. Despite the weather being so lovely, the sun wasn’t shining in the world of netball. 12 months on and things feel way more positive.

Let’s start with the last few weeks. Zoom is definitely not just used for a quiz with your friends as I used it to get involved with Synergy Netball Club juniors; helping my Dad coach them online around skills and general fitness. Hats off to the same girls that showed up every week, Izzy, Immy, Chloe, Ava and Hannah. You’re a real asset to the club. We all know how difficult things have been but to see these girls engaged and motivated lifted my mental health at a time where I could not play the sport myself. This demonstrates the netball community at its best.

So what else is new? I managed to start my placement with Severn Stars, working on promoting their merchandise with the U19 pathway group and then being asked to be the official match reporter for Stars’ games. Although I still love playing my sport, this is the ultimate combination now of being able to produce media, write and analyse the game as well as play. Writing my first match report gave me an insight into sport journalism in the real world. Stars face Mavericks tonight (11th April) so keep an eye out for my next report.

After suffering an injury at Christmas, I am on a rehab programme with the hope of being reselected for my University 1st team with the end goal of Varsity in May. Not looking forward to the cortisone treatment but if it means I can get back on court, then I will grit my teeth.

With only three online teaching weeks left, it has been a strange second year. However, finally being able to play netball and see my friends and family makes me happy and hopeful.

By the time I do my next post, let’s hope the roadmap out of lockdown is still the same and we can all go back to some kind of normality!

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