Stuck in a Loop

So, the freedom didn’t last very long did it? Lockdown 3.0 is in full swing and I am back living at home, missing my friends, boyfriend, netball and education. I know we’ve all been here before and there is no point repeating how fed up we are of the rules and regulations because we know, until the vaccine is rolled out, that is the way we should all be behaving. The rules of the game of which life is at the centre.

Once again, I’m here trying to build a daily routine with my online learning and fitness too. Alongside this, my uni encouraged us to complete the training in suicide awareness. The key point to this is the message that I have always been true to and that is to keep talking to people. The impact on mental health especially during this pandemic is huge and for some, it can lead to not only depression, but ultimately a threat to life. You know I’m an advocate for talking, even if it’s just a few messages here and there.

So. Netball. I’m missing it like you wouldn’t believe. Not only for the training, but the whole society itself. I miss the laughs as much as the drills and just being on court and how it makes me feel. Louisa, my uni coach set up a ‘trial ready’ programme in hope of the trials being able to go ahead. However, with the new lockdown being announced, this could not happen, but I use this programme every day as part of my routine. It varies every day from sprints to plyometric work. Not only is it contributing to keeping my fitness up, but my mental health is also having a positive impact from doing so.

This pandemic has taken away many things that we love, not only our freedom but people too. However, it has to be about not giving up and trying as much as possible to look for a brighter future. After seeing a player from a non-league football club today score an amazing goal against a Premier League team, proves one thing. You don’t always have to be at the top of the table to achieve your goals. He was given up on at the age of 17 but had his moment of glory today on the pitch.

Let’s hope that 2021 will become memorable for other reasons, not just a pandemic. Keep going and always know I am here for you.

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