GOOOAAALLLS – always believe in your soul – Yes, I know it’s ‘Gold,’ but this has quite a nice ring to it, don’t you think? (Thanks Spandau for the inspiration.)
When we hear this word, ‘goal,’ we think about our lives; our aims and ambitions. Short term, mid term and long term. At school and netball I hear this more often than not. (At the moment, a clear goal for me is getting up before lunch time after clocking in for a bout of This Morning #LoveYouPhil)

So let’s break this down.

1. To find a taller boyfriend – one who won’t have to stand on a step to look lovingly into my eyes.
2. To be recognised and remembered by my old primary school peers (not just for the bobble hat,) but for someone who has achieved her netball dream, representing her country.
3. To wear a pair of high heels and not have to crouch to get through the door of a club.
4. My A Levels – yes, I do still take them very seriously despite my training commitments.
5. A good job – I’ve actually just started to work in my ‘spare time,’ ha ha ha. Other staff are delighted at my ability to spot which tables need clearing as I can see over the heads of the customers.
6. To pass my driving test and to be able to cancel ‘Dads Taxi Service’ to and from training every night!
7. To have a family… and a dog, (priorities.) Obviously I need that boyfriend first though, no pressure lads.
8. To continue bonding with my team mates, both at club and Lightning.
9. This links nicely to No. 9 – to earn the respect of others and keep my place in the squads.
10. To score and keep on scoring GOOOAAALLLS – because as I mentioned at the start, you have to believe in your soul and in yourself.
11. NOT to be constantly asked to reach the top shelf at the supermarket. Although it is nice to cheer up the grannies who ask me to pass them the tomato purée in Sainsbury’s.
12. To NOT be asked to take part in a Channel 5 documentary – “My Best Friend is a Giant”

13. To go into Topshop and find more than three items in the ‘tall’ section that are actually nice.
14. To get a netball dress that doesn’t frighten the crowd if I bend over.
15. To be happy.

Netball is in my blood, sweat and tears. It is part of what drives me forwards towards these goals.
So, what’s next on the agenda?
Nearly time for the new academic year. More study, training and late night snacks. It’s these things that give me a purpose. A goal. Keep them real and they can be achieved. Always believe in your soul, you’re indestructible.

(Fortnightly blogs from now on, so check back in two weeks.)

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