Life During Lockdown… Different Ways to Keep You Entertained

Hi! Sorry it’s been a while; funnily enough I’ve actually been quite busy with finishing uni assignments and preparing for an exam, which is in a weeks time and it’s safe to say although I am feeling fairly prepared I am still always nervous before an exam. But it will be fine, it’s not as if I’ve had to revise in the same way as I was doing for A levels.

So, ‘apart from doing uni work what else have you been up to’ I hear you ask… not a lot. Apart from the nightly FaceTime calls with Dan and doing my daily exercise allowance, I’ve not been doing much. However, I’m going to tell you what you could be doing to keep yourself entertained while being stuck in the house – some ideas are my own and I have been doing them on the daily.

  1. Quiz nights/ bingo nights – this is a great way to keep in touch with your friends and family. I currently have three quiz nights a week: one on a Tuesday with my uni friends, one on a Friday with Dan and his friends and two on a Sunday, one with my family and then one with Dan’s family. It’s so important to stay connected and doing a quiz or playing bingo is a great way in doing so.
  2. Daily exercise – I have recently started taking up running, which used to be my worst enemy but now I actually quite like going on my daily run. So, here’s an idea. If you’re bored of doing the same exercise every day, mix it up and do something different such as a HIIT or interval training, just something to keep you motivated. Mix this up with a variety of garden games such as badminton and netball.
  3. Arts & Crafts – now, it’s safe to say I am definitely not the most artistically inclined, but I just get my mum to draw the outline and I paint the rest. It’s a good two way system we’ve got going. I’ve also been keeping my scrapbook and putting all my memories in one place is really keeping me happy. Not necessarily arty, but making TikToks have also been on my daily schedule… I’m determined to get TikTok famous so watch this space!
  4. Baking – I love to bake. Ever since I was little when I used to bake with my nan, I’ve always loved cooking up a storm. Yesterday, after a solid morning of revision, I locked myself in the kitchen and make salted caramel cupcakes. I even made my own caramel which I’m not gonna lie, I was super impressed with myself! They turned out super yummy. If you’ve been baking anything let me know and I’ll see if I can give it a go.
  5. Take some time for you – Whether that be meditation, online shopping (which I’ve been doing plenty of. RIP my student loan,) going for a walk or just listening to music by yourself, it’s so important to do the things you want to do. Giving your mind the opportunity to relax is extremely important.

Now, I mentioned doing weekly quizzes so I thought I’d share with you my top 5 quiz rounds along with my favourite questions.

The first round you could include is General Knowledge – this is a favourite in our group of friends and we always kick the quiz off with this round. My favourite question from general knowledge would be “Where would you find the sea of tranquility?’ If you know any of the answers, leave them in the comments!

Round two is another favourite and that would be music. We have had a variety of music questions such as guess the song and the artist, finish the lyric and also guess the artist by the emoji. However, my favourite music question comes from Dan where you have to use the lyrics of the song, as your answer. For example, ‘According to Take That, what should I have a little of?’

Another favourite round of mine would be guess the baby. This proved to be quite a hit in last weeks quiz with my uni friends. I got them to send me a baby photo in which the rest of the group had to guess who it was. For obvious reasons, I won’t insert a baby photo here ahah!

Round four consists of a food and drink round. As a foodie, this round is ideal for me! One question could be ‘What type of pastry are profiteroles made from?’

Finally, round five is sport. I’m not that clued up on any other sport apart from my own but it is still one of my favourite rounds. During a family quiz, I found out they knew nothing about netball so every bonus question in the quiz was netball based! A favourite sport question of mine is “What is the height of the biggest wave ever ridden by a surfer in feet?’

So, I’m really hoping lockdown isn’t going to be for much longer, but I hope I have inspired you to get creative during your housebound days. If you ever need someone to talk to then my DM’s are always open. Remember. Stay positive, stay happy and stay connected. xxx

Nightly FaceTime Calls
Daily exercise
Quiz Night with Friends
Salted Caramel Cupcakes

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